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PLEASE FORGIVE THE NOISE!.. My “About” page is currently under delicate construction. However, I have still made it public so you can view real time updates. Progress is always a wonderful thing to watch unfold!

My name is Benjamin Kenneth Tomlinson. I am a 22-year-old, African – American Male. I was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina and have been a humble resident of Georgia for the past 12 years.

I am an Electrical Engineering student at Kennesaw State University and am currently enrolled in my fourth year. I recently signed up for two minors: one in Mathematics and the other in Industrial Engineering: Quality Principles.

Ever since I was a young boy, most people would always label me as a “global thinker.” A person that thinks way outside the box. I have embraced that label and adapted to a way of thinking that constitutes holistic thought and substantial change.

Provided I acquire all the necessary academic tools from school and the professional experience from the workforce, I aim to usher society into a new era of clean, sustainable, renewable energy.

In my vision, the cars we drive, the buses we take to work and school, the appliances in our house, the buildings we enter and the facilities that process our utilities will all run on sources of energy that are healthy, cost-efficient and natural.

The Trailer for my “12 Days of Success” series. read more about it on my EPN Archives page!

In my spare time, I also indulge in the arts, particularly photography and music. I developed a small side business called EPN Productions where I help individuals and brands elevate themselves, promoting expression everywhere.

JK Studio Trailer coming soon!

While studying, I always enjoyed listening to indie artists who create authentic songs that truly hit those deep dark corners of the brain and literally keep my train-of-thought chugging. One day, I thought “Why not make money doing what I like to do?” So most recently, I created JK Studio, a Soundcloud page, where I post songs that were once “alleged headaches” beaming form the right side (creative side) of my brain.

“How it all ties together.”

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